Preventing Emotional and Physical Illness with Hormone Balance

Dec 28, 2011

Our bodies are miracles in motion.  It is amazing to study and understand how intricate we are, how every part is connected and influenced by another part


The same is especially true when studying the hormone system.  Hormones control so much of who we are, how we think, our weight, are we muscular or flabby, our sex drive, how we feel……are we depressed, excited, energetic, forgetful, wise, loving, compassionate, a leader, a follower, or even if we are healthy or not.


Part of being healthy depends on our hormones being in balance.  As we age this balance begins to be distorted.  Especially in women the essential hormones testosterone, progesterone and estradiol begin to decline.


The first hormone a woman loses is testosterone.  This usually begins to decline at age 30 but can begin much earlier even at age 20.  This is seen in the form of weight gain.  Testosterone is the energy hormone.  It helps build muscle.  As we all know, muscle uses more energy (calories) than fat.  We look and feel better with muscles instead of too much fat.  Testosterone also increases our sex drive and our sensuality. This is seen as a loss of the love-life we had when we were younger.  All of these losses can be re-gained by returning your testosterone to values we used to have.


At HRC Medical this causes some of the most rewarding comments we hear…..My husband is so happy to have his wife back.  This saved my marriage.  I will do whatever it takes; keep those hormones in my wife.  Comments like these are what keep HRC motivated to do even more.


The second hormone women loose is progesterone.  This is seen as a change in the menstrual cycle, sleep disturbance, agitation and depression.  This is sad to see because often the patient will see their primary care doctor and after a short conversation will be told, “I am going to put you on an anti-depressant.  This will help with your anxiety and help you cope.”  This is so sad because you do not have a “Prozac deficiency”, you have a hormone deficiency.  There are many side effects to these medications including: weight gain, markedly decreased sex drive and an inability to have an orgasm.  Last year there were 118,000,000 prescriptions written for anti-depressants.  This does not have to happen.  When your hormones are balanced you will sleep much better, have an active sex life and be able to get off your anti-depressants.


The third hormone women loose is estrogen.  This occurs by age 40 in most women.  But 8% of women will go through menopause before 40.  This is seen as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mental fatigue, forgetfulness, and loss of sexual desire.  Loss of estrogen causes osteoporosis.  Hormones that are not balanced leads to breast cancer, ovarian cancer and Alzheimer’s.  This is so sad because we see more divorces after age 50 than before.  Couples drift apart losing interest in each other.  Estrogen brings back that spark, that youthfulness that we once had.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have that same excitement you had when you were 22?  You can when your hormones are balanced.